Nicolai Popov at work
Born in 1938 in Sratov
1982 graduated from Saratov polygraphic Institute.
Since 1967 member of Painter’s Union of Russian Federation
Since 1995 member of Russian Academy of graphic design
Since 1998 honored painter ot Russia (painting, drawing, etching, Lithography, illustration, art obiects, animation).

Two Gold Medals at International Exhibition Competition of Book Art (IBA) in Leipzig (1971, 1977), Grand Prix (1975) and Gold Medal (1981) at International Biennale of Illustration (BIB) in Bratislava, diploma of International Competition of Book Illustration in Moscow
(1975), Honorable Diploma of Presidlum the Supreme Soviet RSFSR (1978), first price of Moscow Painters Union (1978, 1979), Bronze Medal at International Biannual film festival of Engraving and Graphic in Cracow (1978), price at International Biannual film festival of Graphic in Varna (1981), “Diploma de honor’ at the International Biannual film festival of illustration, Barcelona (1984), Silver Medal of Painters Academy of USSR (1991), Price of German Radio “The Best Book for Children” (Germany Austria, Switzerland 1996), International Price of criticism “Best book of the year” (Brussels 1998). Personal exhibitions in Moscow (1961, 1990), in Prague and Bratislava (1977). Zagorsk (1979), Krasnoyarsk (1990), Tokyo (1997), Bordano, Rome (2000), Venice (2000), Bari (2001).
The works are presented in permanent exposition ‘Art of XX century” at State Tretyakov Gallery
Gave lectures and workshops in lately.
Gave course “Composition” at Higher Academic School of Graphic Design.


One thought on “Bio

  1. Adam Blitz

    Where can I see more of your illustrations? Several years ago Citta del Sole children s bookstore in Italy produced a wonderful calendar with your illustrations. I have only been ably to find your book “Why”. I would love to see more and to know where your works are sold. Many thanks. Adam


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