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Creative activities. 1974 N9 7
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Creative activities. 1975 N9 6
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Murzilka” magazine. /(in English)/
Soviet lite. 1975 N9 4
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Popov. /Children`s Literature. 1975 N9 5
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In the world of hooks. 1976 N91
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Literature for children and youth. 1976 N9 40
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of Moscow graphic artist N.Popov. /”Project”
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moon. Aboutthe artist`s works. / Borsenblatt.
1978 N9 22
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ln the world of the books. 1978 N91
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The Soviet graphic arts. 1980 N9 G

Pag 2
A_Kostin. Our vvork today. Nik. Popov.
The Tvvelve". / Creative activities. 1981 N9 8
O.l<uznetsova. On tne vvay to the "golden ao-
ole". Soviet culture. 1988, October 8
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book "Try.ntsy-oryntsy, ouoentsy". /
Soviet graphic arts.1985 N9 9
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Book and art in the USSR. 1986 N9 4
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2. / New tirne. 1994. January 17
\/\/.Fochesato Nikola] e la sua arte. /
'Andersen' rnagazine, ltaly, 2000 N9159
J.Gercnuk. Tne artist Nikolai Pooov. "l<ak?"
("l-lovv’?") magazine, 2008 N9 4


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